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Jason Simon discusses the negative impact China’s digital yuan could have on economies

Despite some initial misgiving and resistance, cryptocurrency is now a legitimate form of currency that is going to continue to play a more important role in world finance. One of the biggest examples, and most controversial at the same time, is the introduction of the digital yuan by China’s government. Jason Simon, a FinTech and [...]

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FinTech expert Jason Simons echoes sentiment recently shared by Steve Forbes on cryptocurrency

The nature of the global financial ecosystem is constantly changing. Since first introduced thousands of years ago, money has constantly evolved, but has also advanced along one common thread. Governments have always controlled how currency works. Cryptocurrency, which has now celebrated its ten-year anniversary, breaks the monetary paradigm and puts control of currency in the [...]

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Jason Simon discusses how the US-China trade deal is impacting Latin America

Early last year, while he was still President of the US, Donald Trump implemented what was called “Phase One” of a trade deal between the US and China. It was designed to alleviate some of the tension that had been building as the two countries fought the so-called trade war over the years and would [...]

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Jason Simon highlights some of the top businesses that are integrating blockchain technology

There are two components to the cryptocurrency system, each with its own advantages and merits. The first is the cryptocurrency itself, a peer-to-peer currency that allows for faster, less expensive financial transactions that can be completed in seconds to any point of the globe. The second is the blockchain, which is not only the carrier [...]

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FinTech expert Jason Simon discusses the different approaches to cryptocurrency purchases

When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced, it was designed as a peer-to-peer currency that cut out the middleman, namely, banks. The idea was to give consumers control over their money and provide a means to allow the world’s unbanked population to gain access to financial instruments. The cryptocurrency ecosystem has morphed somewhat since then, [...]

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Jason Simon explains what Tesla’s purchase of Bitcoin means to the cryptocurrency ecosystem

In general, entrepreneurs are forward-thinking people who are willing to go out of their way to offer a new solution or alternative to an existing problem. Alternatively, they can develop a new way to view existing products or services that will allow them to become attractive in a slow market. Elon Musk covers both of [...]

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Jason Simon discusses how FinTech is helping build international trade

FinTech, or Financial Technology, is a financial industry that applies new technologies to financial and investment activities. The word FinTech is a compound term that comes from joining the first syllable of the words Finance and Technology, meaning that it is a word that arises from the union of two and brings together all those [...]

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Jason Simon discusses how the European Union is approaching cryptocurrency legislation

Cryptocurrencies continue to be one of the hottest topics and a constant source of debate. Much of the negativity that has surrounded the subject has stemmed from a lack of understanding of how digital currencies work, but substantial progress is being made. Countries around the world are rapidly developing their own legal framework to address [...]

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Jason Simon discusses PayPal’s decision to embrace cryptocurrencies

PayPal previously kept cryptocurrencies at arm’s length, unwilling to allow its customers to use the payments platform for anything related to buying, selling or trading digital currencies. Late last year, the company made a surprise announcement when it revealed that it was reversing that long-standing position. PayPal’s acceptance of digital currencies is potentially monumental for [...]

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Jason Simon explains why the US-China trade war could benefit Latin America

While he was serving as President of the United States (POTUS), Donald Trump implemented a lot of new policies in an effort to balance trade relationships between the country and China. The ongoing US-China trade war may still not have a clear path to resolution for either of the two countries, but could prove to [...]

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