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Jason Simon emphasizes the position Dubai is taking to advance cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin, have been making headlines lately, but several surveys have shown that there is still a global lack of understanding about what they are and how they work. The AIBC summit was recently held in Dubai to try to bridge that knowledge gap and Jason Simon, a FinTech and cryptocurrency expert, [...]

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Jason Simon discusses how China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining isn’t deterring miners

Chinese cryptocurrency miners are “fire-selling” their equipment. The country has announced that mining will no longer be allowed and, even if the crackdown has not been converted into regulation, it appears that many miners have been put off by the hostility. Instead of closing up shop, however, some miners are looking to relocate their operations [...]

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Jason Simon explains the importance of El Salvador’s acceptance of Bitcoin

El Salvador has just become the first country in the world to officially and legally recognize cryptocurrency as a form of money. After its president, Nayib Bukele, announced new legislation that would make Bitcoin (BTC) legal tender, it didn’t take long for the measure to be approved by lawmakers and converted into law. The entire [...]

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Jason Simon provides expert input on the benefits of end-to-end payment solutions

Historically, business operators have had to be able to understand every aspect of the system, from the pad to the payment gateway, to acquiring or processing, to having suppliers for every part of the chain. As a result, many merchants of all sizes, particularly those operating a small business, have a new demand on their [...]

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Jason Simon provides insight into China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining

At the end of last month, China’s State Council signaled that it was going to crack down on cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price plummeted by 30% as a result, and the entire industry was a little concerned. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He told a group of finance officials that the government would “clamp down on [...]

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Jason Simon discusses digital payment trends that improve the client experience

The evolution of the Internet and new technologies has completely changed our habits, especially in terms of consumption. For years, payment has been one of the main concerns that have emerged with digitization. It is an inevitable step in the customer experience. It needs to be analyzed in order to transform it, depending on changes [...]

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