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Jason Simon explains why Mexican billionaire bank’s support of Bitcoin is a big deal

A recent announcement by one of the richest men in Mexico could have big implications for the cryptocurrency space. Ricardo Salinas Pliego isn’t just a multibillionaire whose corporation is involved in telecommunications, public services and more, but the country’s third-wealthiest man also behind one of the largest banks in Mexico. Jason Simon, an expert on [...]

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Jason Simon provides expert analysis on why Latin America is anxious to adopt cryptocurrency

Over the past several weeks, a number of Latin American countries have been enacting or even signaling their interest in Bitcoin. Both El Salvador and Paraguay started the shift after voicing their intentions of legalizing Bitcoin, with El Salvador already leading the way. Jason Simon, an expert in cryptocurrency and FinTech, explains why Latin American [...]

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Jason Simon explains the importance of the new partnership between GoldConnect and BitPay

Latin America has arisen as one of the worldwide focal points for crypto selection. Only days after El Salvador allowed Bitcoin (BTC) to receive lawful status in the country, a main media communications supplier in the country reported that it will presently acknowledge digital currency payments. While this was to be expected, Jason Simon, an [...]

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FinTech and Cryptocurrency Export Jason Simon on Mexico’s new stablecoin initiative

Bowen Zhou, CEO of Moneta Digital, introduced in mid-June the MMXN token, billed as "the first Mexican stablecoin." It has a conversion rate that promises to always be 1 MMXN to 1 Mexican peso and, unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, MMXN is a stablecoin. Other stablecoins on the market, which are pegged to [...]

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