Jason Simon provides the necessary knowledge to understand why blockchain is important for financial inclusion.

When thinking about blockchain technology, many people often tend to think only of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and crowdfunding through digital assets. However, these are just expressions of technology with the potential to transform multiple industries and organizations. Like the internet, blockchain technology has the ability to transform the lives of billions of people around the world [...]

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Jason Simon highlights some of the top businesses that are integrating blockchain technology

There are two components to the cryptocurrency system, each with its own advantages and merits. The first is the cryptocurrency itself, a peer-to-peer currency that allows for faster, less expensive financial transactions that can be completed in seconds to any point of the globe. The second is the blockchain, which is not only the carrier [...]

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Jason Simon explores the changing world of global cryptocurrency regulations

Throughout the history of money, dating back to the very first time currency was used, there have been certain individuals who felt that cheating the system was acceptable. Each time a new form of currency has been introduced, the same results were seen. This is why regulations have been needed, an effort to prevent currency [...]

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Jason Simon discusses the importance of Visa’s debit card agreement with Coinbase

For years, finding support from Visa and MasterCard to allow their names to be tied to cryptocurrency was virtually impossible. Visa had a strict no-cryptocurrency policy and, although somewhat more flexible, MasterCard wasn’t willing to embrace the digital currency ecosystem completely, either. That has changed over the past year and Visa made a deal with [...]

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Jason Simon discusses the massive interest in introducing cryptocurrency debit cards

Not too long ago, there was just one company dominating the cryptocurrency debit card space. That was Wirecard; however, when the multibillion-dollar company suddenly and unexpectedly announced that it was insolvent, a large void opened up. Now, there has been significant interest on the part of companies around the world to launch cryptocurrency-based debit cards, [...]

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Jason Simon discusses the importance of payment heavyweights joining the cryptocurrency space

When Bitcoin began to surge in 2017, it didn’t take long for massive interest to emerge. At the same time, however, most payment solution heavyweights, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, weren’t impressed. They fought to play down the importance of cryptocurrency and went so far as to prohibit their cards and users from being linked [...]

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Jason Simon explains the importance of BBVA’s entrance into cryptocurrency custody

BBVA began, just a few months ago, to deploy evidence of what will be its first commercial service for the purchase and sale and custody of digital assets, including cryptocurrency. The new service, offered through BBVA Switzerland, is designed to allow customers to manage cryptocurrency transactions and make deposits with digital assets, such as Bitcoin, [...]

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Jason Simon discusses the benefits businesses gain by accepting cryptocurrency payments

Cryptocurrency has evolved in many ways. Since its inception, people have started looking for creative ways to use digital assets for more than just investment opportunities, highlighting their original goal as a fiat alternative. Jason Simon, a cryptocurrency and global payment solutions expert, provides insight into why businesses need to consider accepting cryptocurrency as a [...]

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