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Jason Simon on how El Salvador’s position on cryptocurrency is snowballing

Since El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced, during the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami on June 5, that was prepared to make Bitcoin legal tender in the country, the reactions have run the gambit of possibilities. True to his word, it only took a few days for the announcement to become law, and El Salvador [...]

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Jason Simon explains how FinTechs are helping evolve conventional supply chains

A new type of service company could transform global supply chains: financial technology companies that act as intermediaries to facilitate transactions between a company and its suppliers. They enable the buyer and supplier to improve their working capital by allowing the former to roll over its accounts payable and, at the same time, accelerate payment [...]

June 29th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: , |

Jason Simon explains how FinTechs can help optimize trade finance

In Latin America and other regions, FinTechs are often associated with consumer services offered directly or through an established player, such as a bank, but they are also quietly supporting institutions in the back-office areas. Jason Simon, an expert in the fields of FinTech and eCommerce, looks at how trade finance could get a lot [...]

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Jason Simon highlights recent analysis of cryptocurrency activity

One of the most common – and misguided – arguments against the use of cryptocurrency is the assertion that it is a haven for criminal enterprises to hide their money. While this has been debunked in a number of studies, with high-profile reports from Interpol and others showing that most criminal money movement still takes [...]

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Jason Simon details Google’s updated advertising for cryptocurrency and gambling

The global commercial scene is constantly in a state of flux, with some products and services being welcomed as other existing solutions fall out of favor. Google has a confident grip on much of what transpires on the Internet and has announced policy changes coming to its platforms that intrinsically impact the markets. Jason Simon, [...]

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Jason Simon describes the success story of Costa Rica’s OMNi FinTech startup

The OMNi super app is appropriately named because it allows consumers to do everything from rent a bike to make purchases with a digital wallet. These and more transactions have the mission of making life easier for the users of OMNi, a Costa Rican company with FinTech at its center. Jason Simon, a FinTech and [...]

Jason Simon explains how Costa Rica’s FinTech startup OMNi is revolutionizing commerce with its Super App

OMNi's super app has innovated Costa Rica in order to solve a number of basic needs of consumers in one place, a single application, with ease of handling and immediate response times. The company has evolved since first launching as a bike-sharing service and is now a go-to solution that continues to add new options. [...]

Jason Simon highlights the success OMNi has had introducing its Super App to Costa Rica

Costa Rica-based OMNi started as a modest platform with 1,000 bicycle shares in the country, but is now the dominant and uncontested super app. It continues to bring modern digital technology and payments expertise to existing businesses and has seen exponential growth as it targets innovation. Jason Simon, an expert in FinTech and innovation, discusses [...]

Jason Simon offers an expert’s take on how OMNi and its Super App have changed the Costa Rican lifestyle

Thanks to the possibilities that OMNi’s super app delivers to Costa Rica right on users’ smartphones, gone are the days of having to hail a cab or stand in line to withdraw funds from an ATM. Today, consumers demand mobility solutions that are accessible, and that's where OMNi, a FinTech startup comes in. It guarantees [...]

Jason Simon explains the importance of OMNi’s Costa Rican expansion to support its Super App rollout

Costa Rica-based OMNi has become a super app by unifying several needs of the local and regional context. It goes from the digitization of transportation to the offering of exclusively digital banking. In addition, it will include more utilities related to entertainment, health and more as it continues to develop. OMNi’s expansion has been growing [...]

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