Jason Simon explains how AI is enhancing eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is growing and changing more than ever. With all of the new competition, it can be hard to stay competitive without some serious innovation. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) offers a lot of ways for eCommerce companies to enhance their business. Jason Simon, an expert in eCommerce, offers a few ways that AI [...]

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Jason Simon explains why cryptocurrencies could be considered an asset class in the future

Cryptocurrency only emerged as a potential asset class in the last five years. It would have been amusing for a financial advisor to refer to cryptocurrencies as such until then. Cryptocurrency has seen a massive rise in popularity despite its complex background, both as a gamble and as a typical appreciating asset. Jason Simon, an [...]

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Jason Simon discusses how FinTech innovation solves system shortcomings

Beyond the well-known diagnosis that in Argentina, 51% of the adult population does not have a bank account, a figure well above that of countries such as Brazil (30%) and Mexico (32%), the experience of national banked users is poor and worrying. According to Link, the largest network of official banks and ATMs in the [...]

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Jason Simon highlights the growth of eCommerce in Central America

According to data from different experts, between 2019 and 2020, eCommerce in Central America grew at a rate of 40%. This means that sales generated through this type of commerce in the region reached more than $3.7 billion in the last two years alone. Jason Simon, an expert on Central American markets, takes a closer [...]

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Jason Simon explains the importance of Latin America’s streaming market on the global industry

Latin America has overtaken Europe and North America and is already the second-fastest-growing streaming market in the world, behind only Asia and the Middle East. The region reached the end of 2021 with a 21% growth in video streaming and 20% growth in audio platforms, consolidating itself as a strategic market for global companies to [...]

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Jason Simon discusses how cloud technology is improving Latin America’s gaming industry

Digital Transformation and Big Data are driving companies to reshape their business and IT departments. This has caused a large percentage of companies to move to the cloud, running their IT operations off-premise, becoming the preferred platform for any new technological development, where migration decisions are also based on the cost-benefit ratio it provides. Jason [...]

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Jason Simon discusses how digital wallet use is increasing in Latin America

Making an online purchase is an exercise of trust, access, and social context that just a couple of years ago was not a common exercise for the Latin American population. Being attentive to Black Friday in the US, buying tickets for mega concerts, and even shoes are part of this phenomenon that, according to several [...]

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Jason Simon highlights the massive growth of eCommerce in Latin America

The digitization of sales reached a point of no return in Latin America, one of the fastest-growing markets for eCommerce. During the pandemic, millions of users shopped online for the first time and few would stop. This year, market experts told investors that the demand that shifted to virtual channels is likely to remain online. [...]

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Jason Simon explains how OMNiLabs is changing Costa Rica FinTech

For years now, many experts have been analyzing indicators that profile Latin America as a fertile ecosystem for the development of FinTechs, as international investors continue to show a strong interest in this region, permanently evaluating investment opportunities. A clear example of this can be seen through the arrival of OMNiLabs in Costa Rica. Jason [...]

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Jason Simon explains the advance of PIX in Brazil’s financial landscape

In a country with a large portion of the population unbanked, the PIX allows the benefits of financial inclusion, especially access to eCommerce, to be enjoyed more actively. Jason Simon, an expert in the financial sector, explains how Brazil's financial landscape is affected by the advancement of PIX. The instant payment system was created by [...]

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