Jason Simon demonstrates how global payments and eCommerce continue to gain ground

The pandemic has driven greater trust in digital payments and eCommerce in Latin America, leading to an increase in transactions, but also a number of disruptions and new challenges, according to a recent report. The "gulf of mistrust" surrounding digital payments and eCommerce has been overcome in recent months, leading to a huge increase in [...]

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Jason Simon discusses B2B eCommerce trends coming in 2022

The eCommerce industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It is estimated that by 2027, the B2B online store market will reach more than 13 trillion dollars. That's why the importance of creating a B2B online store today is greater than ever. Jason Simon, a specialist with years of experience in the eCommerce industry, [...]

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Jason Simon discusses some of the FinTech trends coming in 2022

The FinTech ecosystem was one of the most dynamic in the global economy during 2021. The numbers don't lie: a large percentage of companies that exist today were created during the pandemic, according to several recent studies. Research also shows that FinTech companies employ millions of people and that as time goes on, this number [...]

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Jason Simon explains the role cryptocurrency plays in foreign trade

The rise of cryptocurrencies looks unstoppable, and the world's financial systems are in the preamble of a probable turnaround. Digital money is becoming a reality that will be part of our lives in not so many years. Jason Simon, a crypto specialist, provides detailed information on how the crypto space is having a major impact [...]

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Jason Simon discusses why collaboration with FinTechs is the key to the success of financial services

Increased competition and customer demand for convenience and personalization are transforming financial services and creating new opportunities for collaboration between FinTech and traditional financial firms. Jason Simon, a specialist in FinTechs and eCommerce, explains in detail how partnerships with FinTechs is the perfect key to take financial services to the next level. According to a [...]

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Jason Simon explains how artificial intelligence is changing the finance industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world as we know it. The implementation of this technology has allowed the optimization of processes and has facilitated customer service in multiple sectors. Banking is one of them, as, in recent years, it has incorporated these tools to offer a better user experience and personalized solutions that have [...]

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Jason Simon discusses some of the innovations coming to the eCommerce space

Flash sales and private sales hit the eCommerce market with a fury in 2009 and 2010. Some even argue that flash sales remain the most scalable eCommerce business model. However, like all innovations, they either hit a bubble or trickle down in their effectiveness, spawning new and interesting innovations, especially in the eCommerce world. This [...]

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Jason Simon discusses AI tools the FinTech ecosystem is adopting

The mix of technology and financial inclusion gave FinTech its most important boost. Now, the growing industry is thinking of reinventing itself by adding artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its processes and be even more inclusive by adding new technologies. Jason Simon, an expert in FinTech and consumer activity, explains these latest additions. One of [...]

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Jason Simon discusses the sudden rise in global cryptocurrency adoption

The adoption rate of cryptocurrencies grew by 880% worldwide over the past year, with Vietnam, India, Pakistan and other emerging economies leading the way. It goes without saying that this trend will continue to grow as time goes by and that is why Jason Simon, a specialist in the cryptocurrency space, provides detailed information on [...]

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Jason Simon explains how eCommerce retail platforms can overcome a sales slump

There are millions of people who are currently engaged in sales, either professionally, in business, or from home. It doesn't matter if they sell multilevel marketing, real estate, clothing, automobiles, or financial services, among others. All salespeople have one thing in common and that is that at some point in their lives, they will face [...]

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