The eCommerce industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It is estimated that by 2027, the B2B online store market will reach more than 13 trillion dollars. That’s why the importance of creating a B2B online store today is greater than ever. Jason Simon, a specialist with years of experience in the eCommerce industry, provides different trends that can be expected in the space next year.

The first, without a doubt, is B2B eCommerce on your mobile. B2C eCommerce on mobile devices is already a reality. However, the B2B market has not easily integrated into this trend. By 2023, it is expected that there will be more than 4 billion smartphone users. In addition, a study shows that nine out of ten businesses would buy from an online store again if it offers a good mobile experience. Another study by Amazon Business shows that 61% of B2B buyers use cell phones to research the products they want before buying them.

“An important step towards using mobile to make B2B purchases is to have a 100% responsive online store,” Simon says. “Allow your customers to make purchases from any device: computers, tablets or mobiles, with a satisfying shopping experience that allows them to return to purchase with ease.”

Rapid eCommerce implementation and integration. Many B2B online store providers don’t tell you upfront how long it may take them to create your site. Some take more than six months to create. That is why, depending on the scale of your business, you should choose the best eCommerce platform provider that allows you to start virtual operations as soon as possible.

“Another point to consider is that you will need integrations for your eCommerce to work in the best possible way. Development from scratch can take months,” says Simon. “So, I personally recommend considering what native integrations the eCommerce provider you choose has, as well as consulting whether or not this integration will cost extra.”

If you want to open an online store, it is important to have several payment methods so that your customers can choose according to their preferences. For this, it is important to have payment gateways; however, B2B eCommerce can use other payment methods such as:

Due to the increase of business requests from online suppliers, the number of B2B Marketplaces has increased. This can be an interesting option for manufacturers and distributors looking to expand and meet new customers in niche marketplaces.

“It is important to consider that, just as you will promote your products, it is possible that you will find competitors in the same e-commerce. Analyze the conditions well and decide between a marketplace or your own eCommerce,” Simon suggests.

Every purchase intention starts with previous research about the product you are interested in. This is not alien to businesses that seek to supply different products.

A study found that companies with an omnichannel marketing strategy retain 89% of their customers, while companies with a weak strategy retain only 33%.

Simon explains, “Many companies make the mistake of opening an eCommerce site but not running a launch campaign. In B2B, you must take your current customers from taking orders through calls, emails or messages, to the online store. To do this, you can offer benefits and training to your customers. Digitalization should be easy for you as well as for your customers.”

The presence of a salesperson is important if we are talking about B2B, as relationships with a B2B customer tend to be more complex than in the case of B2C. That is why all the channels through which you communicate with your customers and prospects must have the necessary information so that they can easily access your online store.

And in the online store, apply SEO strategies to position your products, as well as communicate all the necessary information to your customers. You can also encourage purchases in the online store through promotional banners, product labels, featured products, among others. Remember that everything is part of a structure to achieve higher sales and have a digital presence that will bring you new customers.