Jason Simon explains how to increase eCommerce sales through social media marketing

In the last decade, social media has experienced tremendous growth that few people could have predicted. And when eCommerce and social media merge, the results for brands are astounding. Today, these platforms have become showcases where marketers and business owners around the world forge relationships with their audiences and increase brand exposure. Jason Simon, a business growth strategist, explains how eCommerce sales can skyrocket with the help of social media marketing.

In addition to growing brand image and building relationships with consumers and potential customers, social media also allows you to increase online sales. Simon discusses some proven methods that can help you increase online sales through the use of these platforms.

“When talking about eCommerce and Social Media, most people may automatically think of Facebook,” says Simon. “However, this is not the only platform on which to promote an eCommerce; there are others to consider as well.”

Knowing which platform your audience spends time on will help you devise a marketing strategy that is tailored to that social network. Instagram is an excellent platform for businesses that rely, to a large extent, on images, as is the case with clothing stores. Therefore, if you offer products and have a large number of good-quality photos of them, Instagram can be an excellent tool to increase sales.

Twitter is ideal for growing a brand through the use of hashtags. These will also be useful for contests or sweepstakes. Pinterest is an excellent platform for brands that sell products aimed at a female audience. Research has shown that most of the people who use this platform are women.

Each of these platforms attracts a different audience and comes to meet different business needs, so each requires a specific marketing strategy. “Before deciding on which platform to advertise your products, it is important that you know where your target audience is. Once you find out, you can develop a marketing strategy that focuses on boosting your eCommerce sales, improving the relevance of your brand or attracting new customers,” suggests the expert.

Depending on the platform you decide to use for your eCommerce, you should have a wide selection of ads that attract potential customers. The interesting thing is that each social network has different advertising options.

For example, Facebook offers a wide variety of targeting ads, which are perfect for attracting those new users that fall within your target demographic. Instagram stories, meanwhile, are very effective for posting video content, especially when you want to show your audience what’s going on behind the scenes, or the products you offer, their benefits and ways to use them in more detail.

To create successful campaigns on social networks, you should make sure that the ads show users how your product can change their lives. One of the most effective advertising practices in Social Networks is the use of Remarketing ads.

These are especially useful if what you want is that those customers who come to your website but do not end up making a purchase do so. It is very common that a customer adds a product to the cart, but does not complete the purchase process. In this sense, remarketing ads are responsible for encouraging that potential customers to return to the store or website and complete the purchase by offering a discount or a promotion available for a limited time.

But it is not just a matter of launching the ads, and that’s it. Remember to check their performance on each platform and make the necessary adjustments. Simon suggests using relevant hashtags.

“Thanks to hashtags, most platforms classify posts by different categories,” says Simon. “Therefore, using relevant hashtags improves organic traffic to the Website, as it gets more of your target audience to see your posts and products.”

Working with influencers is also a good idea. Influencers are people with many (or very many) followers on Social Networks. So, you could appeal to these influencers to make your product known to their followers. When deciding which influencer to work with, it’s important to stop and think about whether their followers match your target audience.

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