Today there are many people who dare to create an online store and that is why if you really want to succeed and differentiate yourself, it is important that you take into account some tips and marketing recommendations for eCommerce. Jason Simon, one of the most recognized experts in the world of eCommerce, has decided to compile the best marketing tips for you to succeed with your eCommerce.

First of all, if you want to succeed with your eCommerce, Simon recommends that you take into account the boom that mobile devices are having nowadays in the online shopping sector. “This is important because more and more people are shopping from their smartphones or tablets. Therefore, it is essential to have a website optimized for this type of device if you want to attract customers and close sales,” adds the specialist.

The second marketing tip for your eCommerce is to study your sector very well. The idea is that you have great knowledge about the competition, the market, and the different audiences that exist. With that information, you can then develop your target by defining it very well and creating a new, original, and differentiating product or service that makes you stand out in the market above the others.

Undoubtedly another of the marketing tips for your eCommerce that you should follow to succeed with your business is to develop a strategy of quality content. Think that if you offer content that is well adapted to your audience or public at every moment of their buying cycle, it will be much easier to connect with more people and attract more customers.

This means that it is equally important to take care of the content of an ad to attract customers as the content of your website or the automatic emails that will reach your customers at the end of the purchase if you really want to gain an audience and loyalty to the largest possible number of people. In addition, the content is especially important for SEO as it improves the ranking and also increases the conversion rate.

“A good content strategy will help you improve your SEO positioning by getting many more people to reach your company. However, there are also other ways to take care of SEO positioning in your eCommerce. It is really important that you implement them all because search engines will undoubtedly be the way in which the largest number of users will reach your company,” suggests Simon.

You need to optimize the content of your eCommerce, your social media, and all the messaging in your online marketing strategy. This will allow search engines to show you to the audiences that you want to get to know you.

Finally, it is also essential to take the utmost care and enhance the usability of your eCommerce. Think that it will be useless to apply a large number of strategies to attract the attention of customers if users will leave the store without buying anything because the page is not practical to use. Once you have your eCommerce platform ready, you should always review the usability of the different purchasing processes and pages, such as the shopping cart, product descriptions, etc.

It is also very important to have good hosting and optimize all the images or else you will probably end up losing customers because the different pages take a long time to load, the page is poorly structured. They do not find what they are looking for or simply the shopping cart does not work well.

“Try to check this from time to time, especially if we detect a drop in sales because it could be that our site is having problems and we have not noticed,” adds Simon. Finally, it is also important to have several payment methods so that customers can buy their favorite products as they prefer.