The boom in the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies worldwide has generated considerable interest for companies in the industry. Costa Rica-based OMNi, which offers the first multi-service Super App in Latin America, has taken note. It has expanded its services related to digital currencies and has launched a solution in Costa Rica for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

OMNi Costa Rica, which started with a bicycle rental business in the capital city of San José, formed a partnership with local bank Coopenae two months ago to work with clients in the cryptocurrency market, specifically with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the USDT stablecoin. It is now expanding the number of transactions and its customer service with the opening of an exclusive website for its OMNiCrypto service, where customers will also be able to make purchases and sales of digital currencies.

Juan Cueva, director of OMNiCrypto, explains that the pilot program generated significant interest in the local community, so the objective is to position the company at the forefront as the market expands. He adds that work is already underway on the creation of an OMNi wallet, where customers can store their cryptocurrencies and can also exchange digital currency for fiat currencies. Cueva states, “We launched the pilot plan to understand if there was a market in Costa Rica because there is not much information and we realized that there was a growing interest both here and in the region; We are already doing a fairly large market study to understand the characteristics of those who are buying from us to improve our service.”

The main idea behind OMNi is to be able to add a cryptocurrency platform to its Super App to facilitate transactions. The platform will be linked to another of the services they already offer, OMNiMoni, which will broaden the company’s ability to provide financial services to its clients. Cueva explained that the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies on the platform works through an official company telephone number, specifically used for cryptocurrency transactions. The client communicates with OMNi through the number and through a personalized process in which the amounts and wallets are indicated. The money transfers are then made through bank transfer or OMNiMoni.

Once the monetary operation has been carried out, the cryptocurrency is sent to the client’s personal wallets, or to OMNi if it is a sale from the client to the company. According to OMNi data, the company registers an average of 3,000 weekly transactions in Costa Rica. “We are not investment advisers; we do not advise whether to invest in one or another currency. What we have is a buying and selling service; we have a reserve of digital currency at OMNi’s internal and operational level, and, through that, we sell or also buy from people who want to sell,” Cueva adds.

The new products, which will give customers more options to conduct operations through cryptocurrencies, do not yet have a launch date; however, Cueva is confident that it will occur soon. In preparation, OMNi is developing a dedicated website that will be ready in less than a month. When the service is live, it will be possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via the OMNi virtual wallet, credit and debit cards or by bank transfer.