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Jason Simon highlights how FinTechs are changing global banking

The FinTech sector has improved and expanded its offerings around the world, spurring change in the financial services market. FinTech is no longer simply a concept in the banking sector but has now become a familiar term in technology in general. Jason Simon, a specialist in the FinTech environment, explains how this new era affects [...]

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Jason Simon explains the importance of logistics in eCommerce

The concept of Commerce logistics (eLogistics) refers to the set of changes that have occurred in the way logistics operations are organized as a result of the consolidation of eCommerce. More than ever, good logistics management for online commerce is becoming the basis for success in this sector. Jason Simon, an eCommerce specialist, takes an [...]

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Jason Simon discusses the advantages and disadvantages of FinTech for your finances

You've probably already heard of them, and you may even be much more familiar than you think with their environment, even if you don't quite know what the term is all about. FinTech is here to stay. Every time you hear mention of platforms such as PayPal, the rise of Bitcoin, or the advantages of [...]

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Jason Simon explains why cryptocurrency acceptance is growing in Latin America

The use of cryptocurrencies in Latin America has boomed during the pandemic in recent years. Jason Simon, an expert in the cryptographic space, revealed that different Latin American countries appear in the top-ten list, where they use this type of currency, such as Bitcoin (BTC). The specialist explains why this growth has become a reality [...]

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Jason Simon offers expert marketing tips for eCommerce businesses

Today there are many people who dare to create an online store and that is why if you really want to succeed and differentiate yourself, it is important that you take into account some tips and marketing recommendations for eCommerce. Jason Simon, one of the most recognized experts in the world of eCommerce, has decided [...]

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Jason Simon explains how FinTechs can help businesses cut their banking costs

Digital innovation has led merchants to become more efficient in the payment experience for their customers. Through advanced technological systems that streamline the processes of billing and money collection provided through FinTech, businesses have become more competitive and have achieved a higher volume of customers. Jason Simon, who has worked closely with FinTechs for years, [...]

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Jason Simon talks about NFTs and why they have become so popular

There has been a lot of talk about non-fungible tokens (NFT) over the past couple of years. Some have become highly valuable, but many people still don't understand what they are. Jason Simon, an expert in cryptocurrency, explains NFTs and why they are now in such high demand. An NFT can be described as a [...]

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Jason Simon explains the difference between cryptocurrency coins and tokens

The cryptocurrency ecosystem offers extensive opportunities for the financial sector. However, there is still a lot of confusion about the different elements involved. Jason Simon, an expert in cryptocurrency and FinTech, provides an explanation of one facet, the differences between cryptocurrency coins and tokens. Tokens are created using another person's blockchain. You don't need to [...]

April 20th, 2022|Categories: News|Tags: , |

Jason Simon discusses the connection between Blockchain and FinTech

The incursion of Blockchain and FinTech has evolved the financial system from the ground up. Both sectors are emerging rapidly and each represents new services and products that allow the creation of new markets. Jason Simon, an expert who for many years has focused on both areas, explains what links FinTech and blockchain technology. Both [...]

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Jason Simon offers essential strategies for all eCommerce businesses

The eCommerce industry is constantly in a state of flux, and those who do not keep up with new trends will quickly fall behind the competition. Emerging trends and changing technologies always shape our sales strategies. Jason Simon, an eCommerce expert, shares the best strategies in the area to put your online business on the [...]

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