Wyoming hopes to be the cryptocurrency capital of the US

Wyoming has always been a pioneering state, looking for ways to diversify its economy. It has its eye on cryptocurrency, which industry expert Jason Simon believes is a smart move. Wyoming was the first state to repeal a prohibition on women's voting. It also was the first to establish the limited liability company as a [...]

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Jason Simon explains how digital payments are changing everything from eCommerce to smart cities

FinTechs, open banking, and digital payments are in full expansion stage in Latin America and are advancing towards new frontiers, both technological and business. Jason Simon, an expert who remains at the forefront of online commerce, explains how digital payments are creating changes in eCommerce and are capable of even developing smart cities. QR codes [...]

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Jason Simon explains why local knowledge is the key to optimizing an eCommerce marketing strategy

Having regular access to national market information is always a great key to organizing your eCommerce promotional strategy to optimize your results. Jason Simon, a specialist in the eCommerce field, explains in detail how local market knowledge can be a great ally in improving your eCommerce marketing strategy. As a retailer, you need to adapt [...]

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Jason Simon describes some of the challenges and innovation for FinTech companies this year

The FinTech ecosystem in Latin American countries is living a moment of great expectation. The sector has shown accelerated growth levels, leading its main exponents to look to the future with enthusiasm. Jason Simon, an expert in the behavior of this area, discusses the different challenges and innovations expected for FinTech this year. With 67 [...]

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Jason Simon explains the relationship between FinTech and artificial intelligence

Digital disruption has redefined industries and is changing the way businesses operate. The FinTech sector is embracing new ways of creating value hand in hand with technology and is witnessing revolutionary shifts towards increased customer-centricity. But it is possible to see several uses of AI in financial services. Jason Simon, a specialist in FinTech, explains [...]

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Jason Simon explains how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may impact cryptocurrency

Between the night of Monday, February 23, and the early morning of Tuesday, February 24, Russia deployed its troops and began attacks against Ukraine. This situation has generated worldwide geopolitical and economic consequences, including the fall of the stock market, in which cryptocurrencies were not left out of the bag. Jason Simon, an expert in [...]

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Jason Simon explains why the values of cryptocurrencies change

Recently, cryptocurrency markets have fallen significantly, wiping out nearly billions of dollars in value. Due to moves like these, many people are constantly wondering what the reasons are and what the future really holds for these digital assets. Jason Simon, an expert on cryptocurrency and volatile market behaviors, helps to understand why cryptocurrency values change [...]

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Jason Simon discusses FinTech and the digital age of banking

Recently, FinTechs sector expert Jason Simon, in projecting the main challenges post-coronavirus pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean, noted that individuals, companies, and countries will be confronted with the need to adapt their growth models to the digital era. Now, this specialist comes to explain everything related to what is happening with FinTechs and [...]

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Jason Simon discusses where FinTechs are likely to have the biggest impact in 2022

Having more than one million subscribers and achieving in less time the success of Netflix, Spotify or Amazon is undoubtedly the goal of every company, especially with the digital acceleration that the whole world is experiencing after the COVID-19 effect. Achieving 100% returns is possible with the application of key trends and innovations, but talking [...]

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Jason Simon offers keys to the evolution of eCommerce companies

As eCommerce continues to gain importance and influence, companies must quickly solve supply chain challenges to ensure they capture the business value available. Jason Simon, an expert in the eCommerce space, took on the task of finding out the main keys to the evolution of companies engaging in this type of commerce. A survey of [...]

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