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Jason Simon describes the success story of Costa Rica’s OMNi FinTech startup

The OMNi super app is appropriately named because it allows consumers to do everything from rent a bike to make purchases with a digital wallet. These and more transactions have the mission of making life easier for the users of OMNi, a Costa Rican company with FinTech at its center. Jason Simon, a FinTech and [...]

Jason Simon explains how Costa Rica’s FinTech startup OMNi is revolutionizing commerce with its Super App

OMNi's super app has innovated Costa Rica in order to solve a number of basic needs of consumers in one place, a single application, with ease of handling and immediate response times. The company has evolved since first launching as a bike-sharing service and is now a go-to solution that continues to add new options. [...]

Jason Simon highlights the success OMNi has had introducing its Super App to Costa Rica

Costa Rica-based OMNi started as a modest platform with 1,000 bicycle shares in the country, but is now the dominant and uncontested super app. It continues to bring modern digital technology and payments expertise to existing businesses and has seen exponential growth as it targets innovation. Jason Simon, an expert in FinTech and innovation, discusses [...]

Jason Simon offers an expert’s take on how OMNi and its Super App have changed the Costa Rican lifestyle

Thanks to the possibilities that OMNi’s super app delivers to Costa Rica right on users’ smartphones, gone are the days of having to hail a cab or stand in line to withdraw funds from an ATM. Today, consumers demand mobility solutions that are accessible, and that's where OMNi, a FinTech startup comes in. It guarantees [...]